The 122nd has over the years a tradition of service and loyalty to House Steiner, but in more recent years our unit has recruited Mechwarriors from all the factions and now even from Clans.


If you are looking for help, advice, training or just simply want to enjoy team combat then we welcome you to our Home. We have both causal and competitive play so itís Time to decide your destiny...


Please Note we do not require complicated forms to join. Just speak to one of our pilots.


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Welcome To New Players!


A large number of new players will start off playing solo matches, AKA Lone Wolves. That's a lot of fun of course but when it comes to online games it's often the case that the experience is enhanced by playing with friends.

Units like the 122nd Fireforce Infantry are player created and managed communities, similar to 'guilds' or 'clans' in other games.


You will find our Unit is recruiting both old and new players, including pilots with differing time zones, play styles and more.


We welcome all that wish to fight for the 122nd.


Good luck on the battlefield!